Aeron Investments is a privately held real estate investment and development group.  Recent in it’s formation, but not new to real estate. All acquisitions are supervised by The Scott Scheel Academy, a company that has been in the business for over 15 years.  As well as a short list of highly qualified team members who collectively have decades of real estate experience.

Investment Goal:

To purchase a 50-100 unit apartment building in the south east part of the USA that was built or substantially upgraded since 1965.  We are looking for a property that is a C class to a lower B class, possibly that has room for improvement and therefore upside potential.  They key factor is  that will provide stable cash flow and be a prosperous investment for many years to come.

Investment Parameters:

Type of Assets:  Multi-family residential properties containing 50-100 units.  Properties of greater value will be considered, but generally to be passed along to other investors.

Asset Grade:  C-B quality apartments, that have been built or fully renovated between 1965 and 1995, that are fully functioning as is and 80% occupied or more.

Investment Levels:  Properties valued at $2-7 Million, with a Net Operating Income of $200K + before debt service.

Geography: Charlotte North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia or any other city with a population for 100,000 people or more in the south east part of the USA.

Financing: We prefer properties with assumable financing and/or some level of seller financing.  We are eager to also partner with interested investors as equity partners.  Each deal with be assessed on a case by case basis.  If need be we do have a bank in Phoenix who finances international investors.  An american partner would be a welcome asset, but would also be very carefully screened.

Escrow Periods: We need 30 to 45 days for feasibility periods, and 30 days after to close.

Acquisition Review Requirements: Site Plan, physical description, photographs, rent rolls, historical operating expenses, lease abstracts, tenant sales, sale & lease comparables, demographics and purchase terms.

Response Time: We respond to all complete acquisition submissions within 72 hours